Does a DUI Lawyer Give You a Much better Result?

Is It Worth the Expense? Among the first concerns to emerge for somebody facing a DUI (or DWI or OWI) is what to do about legal representation. Should you work with an attorney? Can you utilize the general public defender? Are you better off going it alone? We recently surveyed […] Read more »

Cost of DUI in California

The Real Cost of a DUI in California Most of us are well aware of the threats of drinking and driving. The significantly increased danger of harming yourself and others in a mishap need to be ample to deter everybody from owning under the influence (DUI). Still, just to make […] Read more »

Federal Agency Lowering blood alcohol level

Federal Agency Kicking Around the concept of Lowering Blood Alcohol Content Limit to .05 Percent Federal Company Stirring Around the Concept of Lowering BAC Limitation to.05 Percent One beverage may make you a DUI if states pay attention to new suggestions from the National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB). Although the […] Read more »